A facial is a family of skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. Facial can make your face glow and make your skin look younger and brighter.
Regular facial is important for enviable glow to your skin. After a certain time dead skin gets separated from the active skin layer, so that's why our skin need a regular pampering and a regular facial to remove the dead layer. Our skin cells get energy to grow from our blood which carry oxygen & other nutrients.
Facial can stimulate the blood flow and aid the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your skin, maintain the tone of the underlying muscles and prevention lines, help to reduce dull, lifeless and congestion skin by hydrating your skin and make your skin feel more nourished.
The most important benefit of facial is that it tightens your skin and avoid frail skin. Facial can provide your skin a natural elasticity, refine the texture of your skin and make your skin healthy. It prevents the formation of imperfections like milia, blemishes, tanning etc. Office session in a beauty salon is almost equivalent to one hour of undivided attention to yourself.

Following are the benefits of Facial -

  • visible wrinkle reduction
  • prevent acne
  • even skin tone
  • rejuvenate appearance
  • facial benefits detoxify the skin
  • eliminate Black & white heads
  • facial massage promote blood circulation .


Neat and clean body without hair always gives a feather touch feeling. It enhances your confidence and your looks. Waxing is the best way to remove the body hair as it helps to remove hair from the roots and not grow so frequently. Along with the regular wax, we provide some special quality wax which can help nourish your skin. You can choose the wax according to the weather and your skin type. We provide different types of good quality wax like chocolate wax, Rica wax, banana wax, aloe vera wax, etc.

Pedicure & Manicure

Today, manicure and pedicure has a great importance in the cosmetic world because they enhance the appearance of hands and legs in a stunning way. It is not just for your appearance or beauty, It also plays a special role in health and hygiene. This process helps to remove dirt and tan from hands and feet, making them clean.
Filing and buffing enhances your nails and provides them a new look. A final touch of massage takes you to the next level of relaxation. We provide different kinds of pedicures as they are equally important to self-pamper yourself :-






Body Massage

Healthy mind stays in healthy body. Along with so many things, body massage is the best process to heal and relax yourself. It reduces stress and increases relaxation. It is not just a process to pamper yourself but it also helps you to keep a healthy lifestyle. It increases immunity and controls blood pressure as well. People take body massages to reduce muscle pain, soreness and tension. Body massage is one of the best solution to relax your body and decrease your stress. Along with the health benefits of body massage, it also helps you to get a glowing and healthy skin. We provide different kind of body massages with various beneficial oils like hot oil, Aroma oil, olive oil etc.

Body Polishing

Body polishing is one of the best process to exfoliate tanning and dead skin from the body. Especially, in summers when your body gets tanned, body polishing is one of the best option to even the skin tone. Body polishing along with de-tan completes the process and provides relaxation. It is a good way to pamper yourself and have a clean & glowing skin. We provide different kind of body polishing like organic ( herbal 🌿) polishing, sugar body polishing, sea salt polishing and many more types of polishing with the best products available in the market.